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One of the questions I get asked most often is, with everything you cook, how do you keep your fridge organized?

Simple, I don’t. I try, but between the mass amounts of condiments and revolving door of items any given day, it is near impossible for my fridge to “look” organized.

To me, it is clearly organized caos; there are separate places for meat, fruits, veggies, and a general grouping of items per dish, but I have found a new trick to keep things a bit more organized – simple, chic, storage bins for my fruits and veggies.

There are many different storage bins on the market for your fridge, and as with most things, some are more aesthetically pleasing than others. My biggest issue for organization is keeping all of my fruits and veggies separate, and easily visible so I know when something is going bad or running low. In an effort to keep my husband and I eating healthy, seeing the fruit as soon as you open the fridge as opposed to that take-out pizza box helps us make an immediate healthy decision.


I have looked and tried a few different types of disposable and flimsier construction models. However, my favorite baskets are found here from and featured in this post.

Anthropologie creates these in both a large ($20)  and small ($14) size, pictured with my own strawberries and blackberries to the left.

While Anthropologie carries many different colors, and provides a sturdy ceramic container, they can get a bit pricey. Regardless of price, I prefer the Anthropologie baskets to some cheaper varieties because they look nicer, are sturdier, and can easily transfer from your fridge to a table for a party spread if you are entertaining. You can always put these on your list to buy when Anthropologie runs a sale or during your birthday month when Athropologie sends you a month long discount code!

I have also noticed that my fruits keep longer in these baskets, as opposed to the plastic ones they arrive home in from the grocery store. I am not sure what the science of that particular plus is, but I have noticed a distinct difference.

Do you have any fridge storage tricks you would recommend? Let me know what works best for you and your family!

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