Restaurant Review: WPA Bakery

My husband and I have recently moved to Church Hill, and we have come to love the local eatery options that have popped up around us. My most recent discovery has been WPA Bakery. This local bakery is located  at 2707 East Marshall, on the corner of 27th and Marshall, and is open daily from 7am until 2pm, dangerously a block away from our condo.

Every morning they provide the Church Hill area with affordable warm pastries, muffins, pies, coffee cakes, teas and even buttermilk hot chocolate. Over the past few weeks I have eaten many of these treats, supplied office breakfasts with their goodies, and gotten many of our neighbors addicted to the confectionary goodness they put out. My favorite treat is currently a tie between the sticky buns and the peach and cinnamon muffins. However, they don’t stop at breakfast. They have many exotic flavors of pies, cakes and cheesecakes that you can order in advance. I am anxious to order one of their many special order pies or cakes for the next celebration we host but can hardly decide between the pear spice cake or apricot cheesecake flavors!

While you might not immediately be excited over muffins, pastries  or cakes (and you should be, trust me), they also offer some nifty french goodies that I was not familiar with. The caneles that they sell at $.90 a pop are a puffy, sweet, floury taste explosions in your mouth. They are a thicker consistency than your typical flour based cake creation, but still manage to be light and airy with a hint of vanilla. I recently bought a few dozen for an office breakfast and nearly every guest came by my office to ask what they were and where they could find them. Another out of the ordinary treat are the paquets, which come in a variety of new and different flavors every morning. The flavors I have seen range from ham and cheese, various fruit and berry combinations  coconut creme, to one I had last

weekend, which was a proscuitto, goat cheese and artichoke paquet. Delish!

In addition to the tasty treats you can get your standard coffee in the morning, as well as several fresh loose leaf tea options and a buttermilk hot chocolate complete with marshmallows to quench your thirst. I also appreciate that they provide many gluten free and vegan options as that market continues to grow. I love to support local businesses whenever possible and my breakfast stops are becoming more and more frequent to WPA! Check them out and let me know what sweet treat you had!

*The picture I have put in to the right here, clockwise contains: an apple paquet, sticky bun, and a strawberry muffin.

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