Tradesy – Who knew!


I recently have come across a nifty website – Which, is in my opinion, is the perfection created when RueLaLa and Ebay had a baby website. Essentially you buy and sell “used” clothing and accessories through their website. The buying process is an easy one click, with no bidding unlike Ebay, while the selling process is just as simple with an easy multi-step listing method. Tradesy carries designer brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade and Christian Loubiton, as well as brands like J.Crew, Banana Republic, and H&M. Much like RueLaLa and other sites, when the item sells it is gone and you can’t get another, though you can “still want it” and be notified when other items matching your description pop up.

A seller receives 91% of the total sale price of the item, and you can determine the sale price of your item, though Tradesy recommends 20-40% off the original retail price. You cash out through Paypal and they provide you all the shipping materials when you make a sale. Additionally, all returns are free, which is definitely an added bonus. Talk about easy, the premise definitely supports their catchphrase “Turn your closet into cash.” I have gone ahead and listed two items on the site to see what kind of hit I will get, a BCBG bandage skirt, and Kate Spade bag.

In addition to beign able to search thousands of designers and clothing options, you can also help personalize a page of suggestions, the “Style Feed,” for yourself by answering a few questions about your style and preferred brands, like many of the monthly subscription based shoe and clothes retailer sites have as part of their platform.

I definitely suggestion checking it out! Let me know what you think and if you have purchased anything from there what your feedback was!

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