Clarisonic Mia2 Review

Skincare products are not something I have ever paid a great deal of attention to. This lack of attention probably stems from never having issues with my skin as a teenager, I was extraordinarily lucky. As I am getting older, I have realized that make-up remover and a little bit of face soap aren’t going to get the job done in the long run. My skin is getting older and I don’t want to look in the mirror 10 years from now and wish I had done more to keep my skin fresh and vibrant.  Peony Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Skin Cleansing System_04Cue my decision to indulge in a Clarisonic. I asked for the Mia 2 for Christmas in the bright pink color, pictured to the right, and now after months of use feel like I can give a well informed product review.

I of course read the horror stories of people who had severe break outs using the clarisonic, or their faces peeled off etc, and I had some ups and downs using the product, but I found that the best way to use the product is consistantly. When you use the product for the first week, as your pores and skin adjust, you may have a few small pimples to contend with, but after using the brush for months your skin has adapted, is silky soft, and I have had no promblem with chronic blemishes and have never had any irritation.

I personally started out using the Mia 2 with the gel provided in the pack, and the normal brush head, every day for 2 weeks at night before bed. I then put on my face cream and hit the pillow, waking up with a fresh face. My husband has told me numerous times how soft and smooth my skin feels after using the brush before bed. After two weeks of continuos use I have switched it to a few times a week as opposed to every day. If I were going to use the brush every day I would definitely probably switch brush heads from the “normal” head to something for more delicate or sensative skin – Clarisonic provides several different types of heads, just click here to check out the options.

Carisonic also provides its own line of cleansers to be used with their brushes, though I have found other face washes that I have bought from the drug store work well also. You can check out the different cleansers here, I personally recomend the “Gentle Hydro Cleanser,” after having good results.

Has anyone had any negative feedback with the clarisonic after consistant use? Any tips or tricks that you could suggest for different skin types?


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