Wine Spotlight: 2009 Domaine Sauvignon Blanc Touraine

Last night at Acacia, I had one of the best Sauvignon Blanc’s I can remember. Always partial to the white wines, and planning to have seafood and cheeses throughout the meal,  I thought this would be the best pairing.

I had a glass of the 2009 Domaine de L’Herminière Sauvignon Blanc Touraine, one word: flawless. This went perfectly with the aged goat cheese salad for my starter as well as the sautéed sea scallops with housemade gnocchi, swiss chard, and parmesan sauce I chose for an entree.

The wine enjoyed a mineral and fruity bouquet simultaneously. You could taste a citrus beginning with, a tomato flavor, and a woodsy aftertaste all in one sip. The combination was elegant, with such a complex bitter yet refreshing taste.

I will definitely be looking into finding a few bottles somewhere in Richmond – anyone have any suggestions of where I could find a bottle . . . . or case?


UPDATE: We found it! While Private Stock does not carry the wine J. Emerson’s at 5716 Grove Avenue Richmond, Virginia 23226 does!!! I have been here before for the wine and cheeses and am always happy when I walk out. I will be going by this weekend!

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